Our Story


Nueki was birthed out of a desire to see African Print Fashion made available to the masses. Like most British Africans living in the UK, founder Raquel Appiah often found the acquisition of African clothes a very laborious and expensive process: from the buying of fabric, to searching out a reputable seamstress (aka an 'Auntie'),  to negotiating a price, then attending multiple fittings (because 'Auntie' decided to do her own thing) before finally picking up the item. 

Nueki aims to eliminate  the stress and fuss by offering edgy ready- made African wear for ladies of all shapes, sizes and nationalities to enjoy.



Pronounced NU-WEH-KEY, the name originates from the Ga-Adangbe tribe in Ghana and is commonly given to the first daughter born to the family. 

To stand out and to be seen first is at the heart of the Nueki brand.



"Nueki is my middle name given to me by my father, being his first daughter. My interpretation of this in context of the brand is to stand out, to always be seen first, to strive to be at the top of ones 'game' and to stay winning in whatever arena you find yourself in.

Naming my pieces is one of the things I enjoy the most when it comes to bringing my designs to life. I call most of my pieces after African names with positive meanings as its my way of imparting a blessing to the wearer of the item.

Through Nueki I aim to showcase the best of Africa especially through its diaspora by creating a platform that will house the best African brands. I strongly believe in choice and with the spike of African brands in recent years it can be difficult to keep up with everything out there so you can count on Nueki to be your platform of choice for all things African-wear.

Therefore I would like to extend an invitation to African brands to get in touch with us if they would like to explore such opportunities. I am particularly interested in working with women owned businesses and brands who source or manufacture their products in Africa.

We can enjoy Africa and give back to her whilst doing so."